Aile d’argent – 2006

Aile d’argent – 2006

Climatic conditions

2006 was a surprising year that will be remembered for its unusual weather. Generally hot and dry conditions prevailed, with temperatures in June, July and September that were considerably higher than the seasonal average. Occurring at key stages in the growth cycle, the atypical conditions had a profound and beneficial influence on the future quality of the grapes.

Heavy rainfall at the end of winter was followed by a long spell of warm, dry weather that lasted through April, May and June, enabling the vines to catch up after a relatively late start. Flowering took place early and relatively quickly from the end of May. Total rainfall between 1 January and 31 August amounted to 459 mm, compared with an average of 517 mm.

The ripening process, initially slowed by cooler weather in August, subsequently accelerated in the exceptional climatic conditions that prevailed in the first half of September, with heatwave temperatures in the early part of the period.

The harvest began on 12 September and continued in variable weather until 19 September, producing a crop of fully ripe grapes in excellent condition.

Oenological sheet

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  • Harvest
  • 12 to 19 September
  • Varietal mix
  • Sauvignon 66%
    Semillon 33%
    Muscadelle 1%
Tasting notes


The wine has an attractive, pale yellow colour with a golden tint. Picked when very ripe, the Sauvignon Gris and Sauvignon Blanc are intensely expressive, bringing a whole range of floral notes like broom and acacia.

The Semillon helps to increase the elegance of the nose with touches of lime blossom and honeysuckle.

Remarkably full on the palate, Aile d’Argent 2006 is a complete and very patrician wine.

Descriptive sheet

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