Aile d’argent – 2015

Aile d’argent – 2015

Climatic conditions

In terms of the weather, although 2015 was slightly warmer than average, it was above all very dry (706 mm of rain, compared with an annual average of 862 mm), especially between February and July, from budbreak to veraison. As a result the berries remained small, which explains why the yield was rather low even though we had hopes of a normal crop after flowering.

Rainfall in August and September was higher than average, which helped to prevent the ripening process from coming to a halt in a vineyard already stressed by the lack of water. As a result, the grapes matured at rather different rates from one plot to another, according to the variety, the age of the vines and the terroir.

In order to ensure that each grape variety and each plot was picked at optimum maturity, the harvest period was the longest in living memory. It lasted 23 days between our three estates, from the first Merlot clusters on 14 September to the last Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on 6 October.

The grapes were magnificent and fermentation took place quickly. The wines immediately showed plenty of colour and a complete array of very intense aromas ranging from red and black fruit to spice and incense.

The tannins are generally very well-rounded, dense and seamlessly smooth. After blending, the wines still have the same aromatic intensity and complex, full-bodied structures which barrel-maturing should further enhance.

Our 2015 vintage in Pauillac is very similar in its heft and opulence to the 2005 vintage.

Oenological sheet

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  • Harvest
  • 14 September to 2 October 2015
  • Varietal mix
  • Sauvignon 55%
    Sémillon 43%
    Muscadelle 2%
Tasting notes

The wine is a golden yellow with hints of green.

The nose reveals intense citrus fruit aromas, especially lemon, followed by white peach and pear, all lifted by a slight touch of aniseed.

The attack is full, rich and very complex, with elegant oak enhanced by gorgeous, lingering flavours such as green tea and apricot.

The finish is long, succulent and very, very smooth.

Descriptive sheet

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