Aile d’Argent – 2013

Aile d’Argent – 2013

Climatic conditions

2013 will be remembered for its changeable and capricious weather.
A cold and damp winter followed by a cool and wet spring held back the vegetation cycle and affected flowering.

In striking contrast, July and August were particularly hot and sunny, with considerably less rainfall than the average. Peak temperatures of 38° C caused violent storms in late July.

The water shortage continued in September, encouraging the grapes to ripen evenly. The Cabernets were promising and overall the grapes achieved satisfactory sugar levels with good potential acidity.

Although yields were among the lowest of the last 40 years, draconian selection ensured high quality.

The 2013 vintage has been tended, fashioned and fine-tuned so as to get the very best out of the grapes.

Oenological sheet

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  • Harvest
  • 23 to 27 September
  • Varietal mix
  • Sauvignon 67%
    Sémillon 33%
Tasting notes

Aile d’Argent 2013 is a glittering pale gold.

The nose reveals seductive and intense aromas of yellow fruit such as peach and pear, accompanied by notes of spice.

The full, fruity and mineral palate offers a varied array of flavours.

The impression of freshness is prolonged on a finish of exceptional length.

Descriptive sheet

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