Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild – 1998

Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild – 1998


February and March were rather dry, causing the vine to bud earlier than usual, though the lack of rain in the second half of March probably slowed this advance. Shoot tips appeared between 27 and 29 March depending on the variety. Cold and wet weather in April halted the vegetation cycle and hampered spring work in the vineyard. May was quite the opposite – hot and dry, with no rain at all during the first 26 days – giving the younger vines no respite. Mid-flowering was reached between 1 and 4 June, three to five days earlier than the average. Hot weather in July caused veraison to begin on the 21st, and the process was completed under favourable conditions during a very hot and dry August. By 15 August, veraison had taken place across all varieties. 12 days of very hot weather in August with temperatures in excess of 30° C caused some burning on the berries, but the damage was of little consequence. Although the growth cycle was kept under perfect control throughout the year, rain in September and October disturbed the harvest, requiring strict selection both in the vineyard and at the winery.


  • 葡萄采收季
  • 28 September to 6 October
  • 葡萄品种配比
  • Merlot 51%
    Cabernet Sauvignon 25%
    Cabernet Franc 24%

The wine has a fine, deep colour with a cherry tint. Though red berry fruit and cherry notes are soon apparent, the nose is dominated by the blackcurrant aromas typical of the appellation, subtle hints of oak. The dense, powerful attack leads into a well-forward though restrained structure on the palate, over round and well-integrated tannins. Fruit flavours combine with more complex and very evident notes of toasted almonds, vanilla and roast coffee as the wine builds to a highly expressive, long and generous finish that reveals all the richness and potential of this fine Pauillac.


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